Since the establishment of Xenon Inter Co., Ltd in 1995, the company runs the business as a distributor of chloralkaline typed chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite and chlorine gas, to name a few from the quality-guaranteed producer in Thailand. Besides, our company also focuses on market expansion of other essential chemicals in the industries comprehensively both in domestic and international areas.

Xenon Inter willingly provides the good-quality products, safety and on-time delivery by own vehicles for chemical transportation with well-training drivers. The drivers attend the trainings about the driving safety and accidental prevention followed the transport regulations. In addition, Xenon Inter keeps gaining new technical information and improving professional in business practice to support our customers efficiently.

Moreover, Xenon Inter has been certified the quality management system (ISO9001), environmental management system (ISO14001), and occupational health and safety management system (ISO45001) which are the best world known guarantees in company standard. The delivering system of Xenon Inter has also been approved by Q-MARK certification from Department of Land Transport.

To provide chemical products and services to the manufacturing industries both in domestic and oversea markets.
To manage and operate the business effectively with quality products and excellent time management to customers.
Develop new products and services concerning the development of the society and environmental friendship.



CEO of Xenon Inter Company Limited

" We, Xenon Inter Company Limited, always provide the high-quality chemical products and qualified services to match the exact customer needs based on the founding philosophies; Make impression, Be a customers' mate and Overcome difficulties."


2020 ISO45001:2018

Xenon Inter Co., Ltd was certified the occupational health and safety (ISO45001:2018).

2019 Q-MARK

The transpotation system of Xenon Inter Co., Ltd was guaranteed the high-quality delivery and safety by Q-MARK certification.

2018 ISO9001:2015

Xenon Inter Co., Ltd was certified the updated quality management system (ISO9001:2015).

2017 ISO14001:2015

Xenon Inter Co., Ltd was certified the environmental management system (ISO14001:2015).

2016 ISO9001:2008

Xenon Inter Co., Ltd was certified the quality management system (ISO9001:2008).


Xenon Inter Co., Ltd was established as a chemical distributor in 1995.